We are a non-profit organization that loves the city of St. Charles by mentoring impoverished families, individuals, and at-risk youth through family support and intervention, homelessness prevention, and job training.

Love is our number one priority. To show love to all the members of our community as we seek to better the lives of individuals, families, youth, and the elderly.


We build long-term mentoring relationships with our participants, as we utilize resources, training, and mentoring to lead our clients from relying on crisis care to contributing and thriving citizens in our city.

Our Programs

  • Youth Mentoring (ongoing)
  • Family Mentoring (ongoing)
  • Homeless Outreach (ongoing)
  • Backpack & Pool Party Outreach (annually)
  • Buildin’ Bunkz Initiative (ongoing/annually)
  • Coats for Kids (annually)
  • J-Day at Jefferson Intermediate (annually)
  • Serve the Servants (2-3 times per year)
  • Second Saturday Construction Days (quarterly)

Thank You To All of Our Backpack Pool Party Sponsors