We Love St. Charles Volunteering

We seek to love people holistically, which includes appreciating and encouraging our volunteers.  Here are a few of our programs that assemble volunteers to love our city.  Please fill out the Volunteer Application to get more information.
Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Youth Mentoring (ongoing)
  • Family Mentoring (ongoing)
  • Homeless Outreach (ongoing)
  • Backpack & Pool Party Outreach (annually)
  • Buildin’ Bunkz Initiative (ongoing/annually)
  • Coats for Kids (annually)
  • J-Day at Jefferson Intermediate (annually)
  • Serve the Servants (2-3 times per year)
  • Second Saturday Construction Days (quarterly)

We have needs for volunteers in each of the above programs as well as opportunities to help with Fundraising, Administrative Office help, as well as Internship opportunities for students in under-graduate or graduate non-profit, counseling, public relations, or psychology degree programs.