Game Changers is a 6-week long youth project-based enrichment summer program. It will be providing both experiential learning as well as traditional curriculum-based learning for low income youth.

Our Goals:
Game Changers is a summer enrichment program designed to advance multiple goals for low-income students. One of these goals is interpersonal skill development which includes addressing mental health issues, resilience training, and defining what it means and looks like to have healthy relationships. Alongside the interpersonal skill development, the program will also be exploring post-high school goals for the students. The other core component of Game Changers is experiential learning through project development. These projects will allow students to practice time management, critical thinking, and leadership skills amongst others, while advancing community-based organizations’ goals.

Our Vision:
It is Game Changers’ hope is that this program will prepare low-income youth with the skills necessary to tackle life’s challenges in finding satisfying careers and satisfying relationships both inter-personally and within their community.


Faith Becker

Faith Becker

Faith Becker is a recent graduate from Francis Howell High School and is now a current junior at Swarthmore College in Philadelphia. During her sophomore fall, she was one of six recipients to be selected to join the prestigious Eugene Lang Opportunity Scholarship (LOS) Program. She has decided to work alongside Nancy Strebe at We Love St. Charles to implement the summer enrichment program Game Changers. Faith, being from a low income background, is passionate about addressing socioeconomic differences that are experienced by many youth today in the US. She hopes to help Game Changers have a positive and transforming impact for the students involved.